Puppetry Close to Home
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In March, the HKAF and PuppetCinema collaborate in a unique creative endeavour – a series of workshops and showcase dreamt up by artists determined to enrich the cultural life of Hong Kong’s local, grassroots community.

Specially invited home makers from the Central and Western Districts will attend puppetry sessions, learning the essence of storytelling and the basics of film, puppetry and object theatre. Using the skills they have newly acquired, they will perform their own puppet shows, likely bringing their life experiences, outlooks, hopes, fears and dreams to the stage. These newly-skilled puppeteers are sure to touch those issues that are the closest to their homes, bringing to life the most important concerns – and joys – of our community.



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Photo credit: Ali Skye Bennet





16-18 Mar 2015


18 Mar 2015 


By invitation only